Part II

Yea, whiles I was speaking in prayer, even the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly, touched me about the time of the evening oblation.

And he informed me, and talked with me, and said, O Daniel, I am now come forth to give thee skill and understanding.

At the beginning of thy supplications the commandment came forth, and I am come to shew thee; for thou art greatly beloved: therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision.

Daniel 9:21-23

Part II of III

When the kid collapsed, Dane drew his sidearm.

It was a pity, really. The kid had done well for himself, the jab was swift, clean and concise; no fancy moves or banter. Hell, he almost got a full handjob before it was over.

Naturally, his initial instincts had been right; this kid had potential, but only just. Once blood was on the ground, he panics just like everybody else.

Oh well.

His earpiece chirped to life Bzzzt; ‘Okay, that’s Hellen alright; what I got says she’s dead now some sixty years, blah blah blah, left handed. Last seen – who cares, hrmmm…there it is; left front nail was shredded, bruse should still be there. I’m here if you need me, boss. Give her one for me from Michael.’

Michael. Yeah, he’d give her one all right. He’d give her three.

He raised the weapon and his grey eyes narrowed; time to get into character.

Two, then one, then switch. Half count, left, rightfoot out. Draw, two count, down.

He stepped out of the shadows just as the Vampire got a lock on his face from the kid’s ruined mind. She saw him the second he moved, he knew it. Staying hidden from a Vampire was difficult work, and the rain and the blood of a colleague was helping him here.

She opened her eyes and her smile from ripping the kids’ brain apart faded quickly, just as his silhouette melted into existence against the dark backdrop of the ally.

Same chiseled face, same lean frame, same black hair with smattered grey, only this time, he was holding a MK.23, rain pattering on the silencer protruding from the barrel, and dripped sickly down his face and his long, black tac jacket.

‘You were with the one I killed two nights past, weren’t you?’ said the dead thing in a curious tone betraying no hint of fear.

The shadows still clung to Dane’s face, but he knew she could see right through him. She stood frozen in that quizzical look, and he gave her back a grim smile.

‘Yeah, I was there. But I guess you remembered me; I cut your boyfriend in half, then we had a cookout at breakfast. I was hoping you would stick around but I know how you young girls are.’

She moved slowly, carefully, impeccable movements that made her look like a dancer to the laymen, fighter to the skilled.

Balls of her feet, combat will be fast; 10 feet, any closer, I’m toast.

He pulled back the hammer on the .23, and a metallic click checked in stages through the ally. It would have sent chills through the heart of the living. The Vampire only stopped.

Good enough.

‘I wanted you to see me, before I killed you and your new playmate over there. I wanted you to remember what It was like to be afraid, I wanted a lot, but I don’t-’

‘You think I’m afraid of you, slayer? I who have walked this earth for over six hundred years?’ she interrupted.

Bzzzt ‘Oh bull shit she-’ He turned off the walkie smoothly with his left hand.

‘You are no more a threat to me than this boy who cries before us. He got lucky with Sasha; she’s new, pretty though huh? I mean, once I get your hardware out of her and she gets some sleep she will be. You won’t get to see of course.’

She started strolling towards him again, maybe 14 feet away.

‘I have drank the blood of your kind for so long, I can’t remember how many I have tasted.’ Her face soured. ‘And you know what? It’s always bitter. Always stale, just like you. You come at us with your crusades and your morals, you try to burry us in jargon spouted from the followers of a god who clearly hates you, and it just wares me out. Have a little fun, ill fuck your brains out first if you’re nice to me. Then, just lay back, and let it all end.’

She was moving so slow, most people wouldn’t even notice it. Dane noticed.


‘That’s why this keeps working, you know. Because in the end, humanity is more content to just lay down and die rather than do something. It is your nature, you genetic legacy; death. You only live but a blinking of an eye in the first place; what’s the point of fighting?’

Alright, that’s it.

‘What I was going to say was that I wanted a lot, but I don’t have any silver in these guns.’

She smiled ‘Yeah, I could tell.’

‘Plus’ he continued, ‘I really hated Michael. Honestly, you did me a favor. Thank you.’

She lost the grin, and a millisecond of genuine shock crossed her face. It was just enough.


Two flashes of light that sounded like basketballs bouncing off concrete in rapid succession, streams of smoke followed bright casing through the rainy dark.

Hellen’s eyes exploded as .45 caliber slugs impacted and shredded them like grapes and she opened her mouth, a reactive scream for pain she wished death had cured her of.

One more.

Before the anguish escaped her throat, a second flash light the night, and made the only sound beyond the slash of water as the third slug ripped through the Vampires voice box, shredding the dead muscle and sending a gout of oily blood rocketing across the ally.

‘Ouch.’ He said.


The gun moved coolly from his right hand to his left, pointing at the sky.

Half count

‘See, people like me are still alive, lady. Far as I can tell the only one who lay down and died here, is you.’

With the unnatural speed that came with the power of undeath, the creature hurreled herself towards Dane’s voice. In the end, the thing didn’t really need eyes to “see,” but the shock helped. If he hadn’t already been moving, however, she would have had him.


She sailed right past him, turning her head as she did, noticing his movement. Fast, too fast. Good thing he knew her type.

Right foot out.

Really, it had never moved. She hooked on his leg, and fell face first into the ground, a sickning crunch of her jawbone breaking, chin splitting, and nose fracturing and the bloody, smarmy splat like wet paint clashed with the thunder above.


In one smooth motion, he pulled a silver stake from a bardic that hung bellow his tac jacket; three slots full, one already empty.

Two count.

‘Six hundred years.’ He said coldly, rolling his eyes.

In that time, the dead would have gotten its baring with its other senses and supernatural ability. In the dark, even of blindness, these wicked things could thrive. He knew that she sensed him above, felt his blood coursing hot and sweet through his veins. She would see herself roll onto her back, jump herself up to standing and reach her hand through to grasp his spinal column, killing him instantly. Already, her dark power would have stemmed the loss of rotten blood as her eyes sealed into their healing. Just a few days and she would be good as new.


Without looking, without moving any muscle that was not necessary and still grasping the pistol in his left hand, Dane dropped to one knee, plunging his right hand downward, brandishing the stake.

He caught her in the middle of her flip, on her back, chest the the night sky. The stake broke her ribs and cut her heart in two. She made the moan on something without vocal chords, and lay still then, only moving in random twitches.

He let go, and clicked on the walkie.

Ksh ‘Bag ‘em and tag ‘em.’

At the far end of the ally away from the near street headlights flooded the dark with blue LED light, and the sound of an engine roared towards him.

The kid started to stir.

With the speed of long practice, 3 men jumped from the black suburban and dragged the barly moving corpses into body bags before tossing them into the back. Dane meanwhile looked after the kid, slapping him awake.

‘You don’t want to be here long, pal.’ He said impatiently ‘Cmon, ill give you a ride.’

Eric shook away his fatigue, memory lost and terror smoking from him like a dying fire.

‘What.. where? OH MY GOD!’

he caught a glimpse of the girl he was trying to fuck being stuffed into a bag, hissing softly, but not moving.

Dane slapped him.

‘We don’t have time now kid, we-’

‘Did you kill them?’ He asked, still staring.

‘I’m about to now LET’S FUCKING GO.’

With the rain, the engine and Eric’s moaning, he didn’t even hear the cop approaching.


Everyone stopped. Beneath him, Eric lay covered in blood, pants around his feet. In his left hand, and smoking MK.23, in his right a blood covered steak. Behind him, 3 men shoved still moving bodies into sealed bags.


‘Calm down, officer…’

‘I SAID FREEZE, Hands up or I shoot!’

He was tubby, that told Dane he was slow. He was balding, that told Dane he didn’t much care. He had rough wear on his holster; that told Dane that he got his way with a gun, and people never questioned him.

‘Okay, were not moving, you just-’

‘YOU just stay RIGHT there, and DROP THE WEAPONS.’

Eric whimpered ‘I- I- I’

‘Shut up, kid.’ Dane chastised, gun still low in his grip.

‘I’m counting to three, and then I make with the noise, bucko,’ The cop was aiming right as his head, no more than 30 feet away. Worn holster, oiled gun; this guy wasn’t going to miss.


Roll right, toss the .23, maybe buy a flash for the guys. I take one in the arm, maybe. Maybe someone gets shot.


Bull rush, under the muzzle, best case he gets one off, maybe misses someone behind. Maybe the flash takes out my eye.

‘THREE! That’s it you-’

Badge is slack; he’s not wearing his vest.

In a compact, self-contained snap together kind of movement, Dane brought the SOCOM to bear. Not quickly, but smoothly, he pulled the trigger four times.

Eric screamed, and Josh kicked him across the face. That shut him up. The cop was down, two the chest one in the neck and one in the thigh for good measure.

The bodies were loaded quickly, the bags still open, and someone was pulling the kid back into the car. His eyes were wide with terror as he watched Dane walk slowly to the downed officer and place the silenced weapon between his eyes.

The words Dane spoke, Eric had never heard and while he didn’t know it then, they would stick with him for the rest of his life.

‘We make war, that we may live in peace.’ He said calmly.

The small blast from the SOCOM made less noise than the shell casing hitting the concrete. The SUV pulled away when Dane got in, leaving the body of the dead man laying in the blood soaked gutter.

The heros sped away.

End Part II of III

Part II

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