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The thing about life is that it gets harder.

The irony is that we believe the oposite. We choose a world where the cold light of progress is splashed across a grim history revealing the man behind the curtain. Our genetic legacy is something akin to a paranoid schizophrenic, an entire race that doesn’t really know what were here for, what were doing or why we do it. We know only one thing; we must move forward. Blindly, stupidly, haphazardly, at our core we are moths to the flame of that place we call the future; where things must be better, must be bright.

So bright, in fact, that we fail to see the darkness around us now. Little do we realize that the present is the most dangerous place to be. The past is a frozen regret, the future limitless promise; but the world were failing now has in it the power to be a terrible past, and a dangerous future.

Did we really think they were myths? For thousands of years people whispered in the darkness about creatures who lived in moonlight. Are we so naive that we think they are just good stories that survive for that long? I mean, there were more books about vampires and dragons written before Jesus was born, and he only got one best seller; yet the zelotry of our optimism is such that we don’t question that guys ancient magic.

I stopped believing in God when I killed the first time, and it was just a man. I don’t mean I stopped believing in his existence, although I don’t know that hes real, but I stopped believing in his scheme. His divine protection, his sacrifice and his eternal love. For all our intelligence, everything we know simply allows us to be heartbroken and die in ways that are incomprehensible to animals that know only one thing; how to survive.

That’s what were up against, really. Not a national conspiracy, though some would have you believe it. Not a dirge that is playing out in the long, unbroken chain of history. This is not a symphony, and we are not the strings. This is chemical reaction, bacterium and white blood cells. There is no evil, no good no nothing, its human and inhuman nature alike. It’s just how things are. Why doe we breath air? Because it how we evolved. Why do we make war? Beacuse it is in our nature. All those intellectuals and philosophers, holed up in their ivory towers asking questions of dead thoughts and withered ideology and forgetting what brought us down from the trees, what caused us to sharpen stone and what welled up inside of Cain and started the human race proper; our violent nature.

Centuries of feminizing civilization has brought us to a complacency that threatens us now. Like overpopulation of one species decimating the population of another, the boom always come just after an abundance of whichever is food.

Well, it’s dinner like no other time in history.

We put down the sword and we built tables to sit at. But this is not a choice, and no amount of discussion and discoure will stop it. Its like talking your way out of drowning; see how far that gets you.

This is what we are: Dead things eating the living, on a speck of dust lingering in sunlight. That’s all there is.

-S Dec, 2010

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